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"First, Glammy Lee has a very unique eye. He uses it to see things into being. Working alongside Glammy is a bit like stepping through a looking glass; on the other side of the glass, anything is possible. Glammy's created world is intriguing, sexy, campy, colourful, and a little bit dangerous. It's a world made by his own hands, because hard work is the true companion of queer magic. 


In Glammy's hands, everyday objects become fashion and high art: crown jewels from an expert magpie. In Glammy's world, hair is a medium, clothes are a medium, skin is a medium - and everything is enticing. Would you blame me for wanting to live there?'' 


Joyful Joyful 

''Glammy Lee is a Montreal based multidisciplinary queer Black artist who expresses his unique point-of-view through digital art, drawing, painting, set design, stickers, fashion design, styling ,custom dolls and more. A hairstylist by trade, Lee sees himself as walking art and his outfits have been known to make a scene in queer nightclubs, blending the same motifs of space, 80’s and 90’s toys, leopard print, neon and street art present across his artistic outputs. He occupies the future and the past and is as likely to find inspiration in the Spice Girls as he is to find it in the iconography of the Black Panther Party. In Lee’s world everyone is invited, if they can find their way through all the lasers first.''

- Aeryn Pfaff

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